2! Authenticator


2! Authenticator is a web browser extension currently available for Chrome (other browsers to be supported soon) that allows you to instantly see two-factor authentication codes for login use on websites such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Do not wait for an insecure SMS code to arrive on your phone. Hard at work on your desktop or laptop computer? Now your two-factor codes are just a click away in your browser! It is designed to be compatible with the Google Authenticator © app, and its use is similar.

Private and Secure

The extension is built with security and privacy in mind. Data is never shared with any other entities and a network connection is not required for the use of this extension, with the exception of registering for paid features. There is the ability to encrypt your data using the latest encryption standards with a pin or password.

Data Backup and Transfer

Never lose your two- factor codes again! You may backup all of your two-factor codes in a secure format that may be restored at a later time. Backup your two-factor codes to a hard drive or cloud service of your choice. (Paid feature?) Additionally, you may choose to display an individual account’s QR code allowing each two-factor code to be transferred to another device.