2! Authenticator

Password and PIN Protection
(Requires Purchase)


You may set a password or pin to encrypt the two-factor codes saved to the extension.  Additionally, this PIN locks the extension from displaying the two-factor codes.  Keep in mind that once a password is set, the extension may only be unlocked using the password.  There are no recovery options, except to delete all data and start again.  Remember your password and/or store it safely!  To set a password/PIN, simply choose “Set PIN” from the overflow menu and follow the prompts.  Although it may be described as a PIN, any alphanumeric or special character is acceptable, and any length is acceptable.  The longer and more complicated your “PIN”, the stronger the encryption.  You may also choose to change your PIN or remove it at any time, so long as you correctly enter your current PIN.

PIN Timeout and Lock Now
By default and for ease-of-use, your PIN will not be required to be entered until you restart the browser and/or computer.  However, you may choose to have the PIN timeout after 1 hour, 1 day, never, or immediately, by selecting “Pin Timeout” from the overflow menu.  After the PIN timeout duration you will be required to re-enter your PIN to unlock the extension.  A PIN timeout setting of “Immediate” would require a PIN entry everytime you click on the extension (this is not recommended).  A PIN timeout setting of “Never” would never require entering your PIN again. Choose “Lock Now” from the overflow menu to immediately lock the extension, requiring a PIN to see the two-factor codes.

For security purposes, it is NOT possible to recover your data in the event of a lost or forgotten PIN/password.