Eclipse Explorer Plus


NEVER look at the Sun, at any time, without proper and certified eye protection.

Welcome to Eclipse Explorer Plus


The Eclipse Explorer Plus mobile application allows you to use your mobile device as a powerful solar eclipse circumstance computer. Using your device's GPS coordinates, solar eclipse circumstance information (time, date, type, and coverage) can be derived for your location.


This program is provided “As-Is”. Use at your own risk. No warranty is expressed or implied. Data calculations and accuracy are never guaranteed. Data connection charges may apply. Not responsible for any data charges incurred at any time. Heavy data usage and/or high battery drain is possible while using this application. Not responsible for device failure while using this application. 


For questions and support please contact the developer:

Required Permissions

This application will require the following permissions:

For downloading and displaying maps, along with approximate position information.

Uses your device's IP address and / or GPS to derive your location. Used to make accurate astronomical calculations for your exact position.


No personal information is sent or used. Please see the complete privacy policy.

App Navigation

Use the application footer to navigate between showing eclipse circumstance data, a map of the path of the eclipse and the position of the eclipse shadow, and a simulation of what will be seen at your location during the eclipse.  Use the theme button to switch between light and dark mode in the app.