By computing the position of the Sun and the Moon in the sky, the app will simulate a view of the eclipse from your location. A yellow Sun will be centered on your screen overlaid by a black Moon. The simulation defaults to your view during the midpoint of the eclipse at your location.

Basic Info (Upper left corner)

Basic eclipse information will be displayed in the upper left corner of the simulation page.  The coverage, magnitude, and the mid/maximum eclipse time for the selected location will be displayed.  "No Eclipse Occurs" will be displayed if the selected location does not experience an eclipse.  If a total or annular eclipse occurs at the location, a duration of annularity/totality will be displayed in minutes:seconds.  

"Realtime " will be displayed instead of "Mid Eclipse" if the eclipse is actually in progress on Earth. 

"Animating" will be displayed instead of "Mid Eclipse" if the app is currently animating the entire eclipse.  Press the "Mid Eclipse" button in the lower left corner to stop the animation and return to the "Mid Eclipse" display.

Animate Button (Lower Left Corner)

Touch the "Animate Button" to simulate the entire eclipse in a rapid animation.

Stop Animation

When the animation is active, select “Mid Eclipse” to stop. The Sun and Moon will return to their default positions during the midpoint of the eclipse at your location.

Realtime Simulation

This will position the Sun and Moon in their current (real-time) locations on the day of the eclipse. This function is only available when the eclipse is occurring or by using the Time Travel function.  "Realtime" will be displayed next to the current time, magnitude, and coverage in the upper left corner.