2! Authenticator

Save and Import Codes
(Requires Purchase)

Export and Save Codes

As this extension only stores data locally and never connects to the internet for any data exchange (except to verify users for paid features), you may choose to export your two-factor codes and save them to your device, hard drive, or any cloud service of your choice.  By choosing “Export” from the overflow menu, a file with a “.two” extension will be created in your downloads folder.  You may move and rename this file as you wish for safe-keeping, however please keep the “.two” extension.  If you set a PIN lock in the extension, your codes will be safely encrypted, and can only be decrypted with your password (REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!)

Import Saved Codes

By selecting “Import” from the overflow menu you will be able to retrieve and display codes exported in the “.two” file format.  Due to limitations in the browser extension system, the extension will pop out into a separate window and prompt you to continue the import process.  Select a previously exported “.two” file for import.  If the file was saved with a PIN/Password you must enter that password to decrypt the file.  Imported codes will only be encrypted if you currently have a PIN set in the extension.