2! Authenticator

Getting Started

After Install

After installing the extension from the Chrome Webstore, it is recommended you pin the extension to the browser’s top bar, by clicking Chrome’s extension icon and then clicking the pin icon .  Additionally, as you may log in to a website while using Chrome’s Incognito mode, it is recommended that you allow this extension to run during Incognito mode by right-clicking on top of the extension’s icon and selecting Manage Extension and setting Allow in Incognito to ON.

First Start

Upon clicking the extension’s icon for the first time, if your computer has a webcam, the extension will pop-out a new browser window that will ask for permission to use this camera.  It is highly recommended that you grant YES to the request:  This allows the webcam to scan two-factor QR codes put in the webcam’s view.  Denying this permission will not allow the webcam to be used for this purpose, it is difficult to enable this permission after the initial request.  The webcam is never activated without specifically requesting its use, nor is any data from the webcam ever sent over the internet.